Digital Signage

AdServe is a complete digital signage system

Self installed or a complete turn key installation by our Australia wide network of resellers.

Total cost $500!

All inclusive, everything that you need to run and manage a digital signage screen.
The system is delivered pre-configured with your premises WiFi key
There is nothing left for you to do other than plugging the device into your screen.

FREE design is included!

A single AdServe digital signage unit displays unique content on one screen. The system is comprised of one tiny but powerful mini computer that consumes 2 watts of power.
For multiple unit orders, we can also include extended setup and customisation, fine tuning templates to present your information in an easy to read and effective manner from each device. On a single unit order, we still provide all the help you need to get up and running.
Note: We do not manage the installation of screens, but we do have resellers who can help you with this. For many organisations, using existing electrical contractors to mount screens and plug in the AdServe devices is sufficient.

Dynamic Digital Signage

Automaticaly updated!

Sports tables, currency information, POS system information
All data is cached and not affected by internet outages.

Easily create slideshows

With just a few clicks!

Import regular promotions all at once, set start/finish dates and have them automatically change over.

Rotating Images

Easily add rotating product pictures

Gallery of common items or upload your own


Advanced Scheduling

Schedule only breakfast items to play during the mornings.
Menus can be scheduled based on any or all of the following. Hour of Day, Day of Week, Start date/Finish Date and individual calendar days.

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