Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards

Self installed or a complete turn key installation by our Australia wide network of resellers.

Total cost $500!

All inclusive, everything that you need to run and manage a digital menu board.
The system is delivered pre-configured with your premises WiFi key
There is nothing left for you to do other than plugging the device into your screen.

FREE design is included!

We set your templates up, customise the layout,
insert your items and then fine tune it over the phone as part of the included 1to1 training session.
All that is left for you to do, is enjoy the convenience of having a digital screen that can be changed at ANY time!

Easy Content Creation

Content creation and editing is extremely simple and intuitive.

Create content by placing blocks on screen, click to add a headline, a sub-headline, a spacer or a menu line item with right aligned price!

Then click on any of these items and change fonts or resize the text by dragging the text size slider. Everything is fluid! you do not need to worry about overlapping items!

AdServe Player Unit

Wirelessly downloads and displays content created in or uploaded to the AdServe cloud.

Full Training & Support

1 to 1 phone training and ongoing technical support, full installation assistance.

Adserve Cloud

Free lifetime access to the online software that allows you to schedule and create content.

1yr Advance Warranty

No need to return the unit first.
Free spare player on 4+ unit orders!

FREE Basic Design

Free Insertion of menu items/logo’s and creation of basic ads

Satisfaction Guarantee

Return within 30 days for a full refund.

AdServe Digital Signage

Breakthrough Plug and Play System

AdServe Digital Signage an Australian company that has been at the forefront of the digital display software industry for just on 10 years now

The AdServe system comprises of one tiny device. A powerful mini computer that consumes 2 watts of power. You receive it preconfigured with your premises WiFi key Then plug it into your screens HDMI video port and it never has to be touched again.

You then visit the web control panel where you can create menu board’s or an unlimited amount of ads that rotate to display your information by uploading your own videos/images, importing youtube content or creating the ads online by selecting from one of the included video backgrounds and typing your message on top!

Once you have created a playlist of advertisements you press send to player and the AdServe cloud sends the content to the player over WiFi, the player will store and play this content indefinitely, even if turned off or if power is interrupted

No Ongoing Fees Ever

Free forever cloud access!

Free Lifetime Access, $240 per year of value!

1000’s of active units

Since 2006, 10yrs in Digital Signage!

From small food outlets and retail to large restaurants and registered clubs, Over the past 3 year’s 1000’s of our Android units have come online and 100’s Australian businesses started benefiting from the cost savings and convenience of the AdServe system.

AdServe Digital Signage has been operating nationally since 2005 with our first generation windows based signage and gaming system.
The new Android based system is a total rewrite, combining new ideas in content creation with a server push architecture that allows the system to work without constant internet access. It is our entire 7 year wish list at a price point and convenience level that even we never thought would be possible.


Easily change fonts, sizes and colours

There is no fiddling with individual items, all changes are across the board

Easily change backgrounds

Celebrate holiday events!

100’s of animated backgrounds are included or upload your own.

Rotating Images

Easily add rotating product pictures

Gallery of common items or upload your own


Advanced Scheduling

Schedule only breakfast items to play during the mornings.
Menus can be scheduled based on any or all of the following. Hour of Day, Day of Week, Start date/Finish Date and individual calendar days.

Eliminate a ton of complexity

Replace complexity with a single component

Most legacy digital signage systems require multiple hardware components for operation.
This complexity creates multiple points of failure and contributes greatly to purchase, installation and ongoing maintenance costs.

With the AdServe System,
Installation, venue renovations, addition of new screens and hardware fault resolution come down to one single action, plugging a device in!

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Return within 30 days for a full refund

We want you to be a happy customer with a AdServe System that adds real value to your business, we will endeavour to make sure this is the case, but if you decide that digital signage is not for you or you are not happy for any reason whatsoever, then you may claim a full refund.

This has never been possible with traditional digital signage systems, well at least not possible without leaving a few holes in your wall and a couple of cables dangling around!

Advance Replacement Warranty

We ship as soon as you have trouble!

Our systems are are ultra reliable consuming 1 Watt of power and containing no moving parts but we understand that the display of menu items is always mission critical.

One year of advance replacement warranty is included. In the event of failure there is no need to return the unit before a replacement is issued. We express ship you a new unit and you may return the faulty device to our Sydney warehouse within 14 days.

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30 day satisfaction guarantee!
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