Realestate Digital Signage

We set your template up, customise the layout,
insert your initial properties then fine tune it over the phone as part of the included 1to1 training session.

An agent may plug the device in then never touch it again, as their property website listings are automatically downloaded and converted into animated vertical or horizontal listing slides with animated images, they display in a loop all without ever going near the control panel. The listings change to sold then drop off with no user intervention needed when no longer on the property website.


The system supports mixing regular Images, Videos or youtube clips in amongst the display of properties. Every 2nd third or fourth slide may be an advertising slide or message that is played in sequence from another playlist.

Template design

We include for free the integration of your supplied PDF template layout or one of our standard layouts with your logo and in your corporate colours.

Design your own templates

A full templating engine is used. The HTML template can be downloaded and modified at any time. Defined fields marked out, [[SUBBURB]] | [[ADDRESS]] | [[PRICE]] , this can be uploaded directly to the system. Live info The system updates 4 times per day, automatically checks for new properties and inserts them into the playlist. There is no user intervention needed, unless the user wants to remove any old SOLD ads. Listing that have been sold are automatically labeled.